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As paul Seligson explained in his lecture, in my class there are some students who seem to know everything about everything. They are always raising their hands, interrupting the lesson because they know the answer or just because they want to spoil the lesson, wasting time.

In order to avoid these WIKIPEDIA students, I give all my students two cards, like two jockers. They can use them twice per lesson, if they want to say something or chare their opinions or just correct exercises. They are allowed to used them if they have to say something related to the matter we are dealing with.

The fact of setting the students in different positions in the classroom is a very good one,; however, the problem I find to group them is the social distance that we have to keep ( 1 m and a half), but I thik I will try the palne/ on board setting sooner or later. Positive for them and for teachers, too.